Ok owning a dog with a sensitive stomach is forcing me to become an expert in poop. Did you know that over feeding your dog can cause loose/soft stool? Did you also know that too much bone can cause dry hard to pass stool? I do not feed my girls kibble and that is my personal choice. I feed them diverse types of raw.

Sometimes it is premade and sometimes I do it myself. I rotate every couple of weeks. Not so much with Heddy because I know her belly will complain. 

Every day, and please don’t laugh, but yes every day when I pick up their poop I inspect it. I check the moisture, is it too loose or too dry and does it have a strong odor. Of course, this is all done through the poop bag!!

When it is perfect, it’s like little playdough short logs or balls, easy to pick up, no skid marks on the ground and the odor won’t make me gag.

Here is a helpful link I refer to when analyzing poop.