Staying motivated can be hard when you start a new endeavor. In the past there have been things that I have started and stopped for whatever reason. But this is different. Brick City Pets is coming from a place of necessity, if that makes sense to you. This is not a want this is a need, a must.  

The fact that this is a must is part of what keeps me motivated. Understanding why this is a must for me is the key to my motivation.

Its a must because staying mentally, physically and spiritually where I was is not an option. I felt like crap. My self esteem was in the toilet. I was depressed and my physical body was falling apart. I woke up one day and was like,, nahhhhh I can’t feel like this for the rest of my life. I have to change something.  First thing I did was get a therapist. I had to unravel a lot of stuff and I had to figure out why I was so unhappy.  Next thing I did, and I still do, is follow a daily routine that keeps me physically, spiritually and mentally primed. 

When I’m not taking the actions I need to further my goal or motivation is ebbing, I just remind myself of where I was and how it felt. Then I compare it to how I feel now and I like how I feel now a lot more!!