I have had plenty of pets throughout my life, but I have never had to neuter or spay one. Both Heddy and Sophie are females so after some thought I decided to spay Sophie. It is not that I am against the practice I have just never had a need.

It broke my heart!!!!!! I am such a big cry baby and I know it. My vet constantly tells me to stop smothering my dogs. I was ok when I dropped her off, but when I picked her up and tried to get her in my jeep, she made this heart-breaking little moan and curled up in a ball on ground. Even thinking about it now makes me want to cry. I ran back into the vet’s office, almost hysterical and asked for help. We got her in the car and the vet showed me how to pick her up as to not cause her any pain or discomfort.

Fast forward 3 days you would have no idea that she is recovering from surgery. She wanted to jump and play with Heddy like normal. As much as I hated doing it, I confined her to her crate for most of the day. 

Sophie is all healed now, stitches removed and given a clean bill of health. 

I’m glad I did it but the jury is still out on spaying Heddy. I do not know if I can handle it!