Did you know that puppies don’t always lose their puppy teeth ? I didn’t.

We all love puppies and puppy breath right?  Well most of us do. So anyway Sophie’s breath went from puppy breath to rancid breath. I mean bad. I thought it was her food, so I changed it couple of times because I want my little Sophie to be a happy and healthy pet. I made sure the food was the best quality pet food I could afford and I continued to give her healthy treats and toppers like apple, carrots and occasional bit of watermelon. All to no avail.

So I did a Google search for dogs with bad breath. Turns out that when puppies don’t lose their puppy teeth it can cause a couple of problems, including pain, bad breath and tooth decay. I told Sophie to stick out her tongue and say ahhh and took a peak in her mouth. Turns out Sophie had not lost her lower puppy canine teeth. She had 2 sets of lower canines!!!

Long story short Sophie is scheduled to have her puppy teeth extracted.

I learn something new everyday with my pups. 

retained puppy teeth