I think like most people when I am afraid of failing at something or getting a negative answer I procrastinate or don’t do it or ask the question. My journey is teaching me to be more aware of my behavior and how I am feeling when I take certain actions.

I've recognized the why, it’s fear, and I can spot the behavior pretty good now. I'm still a work in progress, not perfect at this but this is how I deal with it, I just do it. I push through the fear. 

I don’t try to rationalize why I should or shouldn’t, I just accept that the worst thing that can happen is I learn something from the experience.  

Now I’m not talking about things that would be detrimental to my wellbeing or to someone else's. Like ignoring fear when it tells me not to go down that dark alley or not too speed at 90 plus MPH in a lifted Jeep. These things would hurt me and other people. 

I'm talking about asking  questions to further my goal when I feel I may look foolish or when the potential answer could be no. So what if someone thinks I'm ignorant about a subject! Does it really matter what they think? Not really. I mean really think about it. Do you really care what someone else thinks about you? I used to and didn’t even realize it. Now I know. Now it's like water off a duck’s back.  “Your” opinion of me is as significant as a hill is to a mountain and I'm that much happier for it. I still slip up occasionally and something someone says jabs me a little bit,  but for the most part I’m good.

What if the answer to my question is no. It's no this time but if I keep asking eventually I will get yes. If I stop with that “no” I will never get a yes.  Those are my options and since I want the yes I just ask and keep asking till I get it. No is just no. What did that no hurt? Nothing absolutely nothing.

My goal is to approach all of life fearlessly. I know there will be setbacks, learning experiences, answers I don’t want to hear but as long don’t let fear guide my choices and actions, I’m going to be ok. Actually, better than ok. I’m going to be GREAT.