Heddy the bulldog has the face only a mother could love. She is squishy and so cute with her smooshed in face and droopy eyes.  

With all bulldogs you have to clean their wrinkles on a regular basis or they can get infected with bacteria and yeast. Well I noticed that Heddy was tearing a lot and her eyes just didn’t look right to me. So I took her to the vet. Turns out that Heddy has a common condition for bulldogs known as entropion eyelids. Her bottom eyelids are rotated inward and the eyelashes are facing the eye. Hence eye irritation and excessive eye watering.  

The condition can be severe but in Heddy's case as per the vet hers is not that bad but it should be corrected.  

So the vet referred me to a pet ophthalmologist and gave me an eye drops to use if I notice that it is bothering her until I can schedule the surgery. 

Love Heddy to death but thank goodness I have pet insurance!!!