I know the non-pet owners are going to be like "it’s just a dog!" after reading this but I stand behind what I say and my sentiments for my fur babies dangit !!! I want my pets to be healthy and happy. I want them to eat natural and minimally processed foods and I want to know what I am feeding them. 

I analyze every pet food, treat and supplement I pick up. I don’t look at the picture I read the ingredients. Matter of fact, and I'm ashamed to say, I do it more for my pets than I do for food I purchase to eat. SMH (shaking my head)

Oh well is what it is. Going forward, starting today I commit myself to evaluate my food just as much as I evaluate my pup’s food. 

I went to a pet supply expo this weekend. Saw a lot of cute pets, took some cutesy photos, and unfortunately saw quite a few pet treats where the first ingredient was pea or lentil flour. The first ingredient listed has the highest volume/weight of the ingredients. Nothing wrong with that if you want to feed your pet pea flour. 

Me, I want the first ingredient to be what the treat is advertised as. So, if it is a sweet potato treat, when I flip it over to read the ingredients, number one on the list should be sweet potato.

That is not a lot to ask, is it? A little truth in advertising, maybe...